2AM’s Jinwoon and T-ara’s Jiyeon Fall Asleep on Set of “Dream High 2”

2AM’s Jinwoon and T-ara’s Jiyeon were spotted falling asleep on the set of KBS drama “Dream High 2,” showing the strain after consecutive late night filming. In the photos, both Jinwoon and Jiyeon are seen fighting off their fatigue by taking power naps on the side of the recording set.

Despite wearing their heavy makeup and outfit for the drama, the two main leads appear to be enjoying their brief nap, making fans concerned of the poor working conditions they have to go through to finish a TV drama series.

The staff members were particularly impressed by Jiyeon’s unwavering beauty, as she still looked stunning in the worn out blanket and warm up jacket. The next episode of “Dream High 2” airs tonight at 9:55 PM KST!