"Dream High 2" Episode 8 Preview

Check out the preview for tonight’s episode below!

Shin Hye Sung’s Dad: Are you ok?
Shin Hye Sung: It’s already too late.
Shin Hye Sung: It feels like I graduated…
Shin Hye Sung: Like I graduated… 

Jin Yoo Jin: What is this…
Jin Yoo Jin: How can you do this without talking to me first?

CEO Lee Kang Chul:Kirin Arts High School’s super idol Jin Yoo Jin. I’ll make you this country’s greatest star.

Rian: The person who shined at the performance yesterday was me, not Jin Yoo Jin.
Han Ji Soo: You’ve never proved yourself or your ability.

JB: Don’t you have any sense of differentiating between what’s yours and mine?
Jin Yoo Jin: Are you jealous?

JB: There’s only so much pain you can cause one person.
Rian: Do you like her?

JB: I like you!
Shin Hye Sung: What?

Meanwhile, KBS’sDream High 2” recorded 8.1% (AGB Nielsen) viewership ratings last night, while its competitors MBC’sLight and Shadows” and SBS’sSalaryman Chohangi” recorded 17.6% and 16.9% respectively. 

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