Lee Joon Ki "Dating Rumor with Uee Means I Am a Healthy Guy"

Lee Jun Ki talked about the dating rumors of him and Uee. He appeared on the SBS “One Night TV Entertainment” episode on February 22. He was embarrassed about the very first dating rumor since his debut.

Lee Jun Ki stated, “It is honestly embarrassing because this is the first dating rumor I was involved in. There were fans that thought I had some issues with my self-identity. The fact that I had a dating rumor means that there is no problem with my identity. I believe it proves that I am a healthy man.”

He continued, “The dating rumor is completely untrue. Although it is a bit sad I hope next time there is an even better dating rumor…”

Lee Jun Ki was discharge form his military service on February 16. He is planning to comeback soon as an actor.