Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Almost Loses Toenail at Gaon Chart Awards

Girls’ Generation’Taeyeon almost lost her toenail during an awards ceremony. However, despite the painful injury Taeyeon still acted professionally and emceed through the pain.

The singer was an MC alongside Joo Young Hoon for Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards that was held at “Blue Square” on February 22.

During the ceremony, Joo Young Hoon revealed that Taeyeon was hurt. He explained that she was unable to receive the Oricon Special Award along with her fellow SNSD members due to her toenail lifting up earlier on. Taeyeon replied by saying, “It’s okay. It hurts just slightly. Just slightly.” She had to take off her high heels and wore slippers as she emceed.

Netizens that came across the news stated, “That must have hurt a lot,” “She is a pro,” and “Did they take makeshift measures?”