Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki Confirmed for New Historical Fusion Drama "Arang"

Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki have been confirmed for the leading roles in the upcoming MBC historical fusion drama, “Arang.”

Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki have been confirmed as of Feburary 23, according to sources from MBC. “Arang” is to start airing in July. The drama will be set in the Joseon Dynasty period and will be about a female ghost (Shin Min Ah), who was murdered, appearing in front of a government official (Lee Jun Ki) to ask for vengeance toward her murderers. The government official will try to appease her wishes. The drama will try to appeal to the viewers by having a historical horror fusion, which is especially fitting for the summer season.

This will be Shin Min Ah’s come back to the small screen after two years since her highly popular drama, “My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho” in 2010. Shin Min Ah was confirmed first for this upcoming drama and Lee Jun Ki, who was discharged on February 16, recently agreed to join the cast. This will be Shin Min Ah’s first sageuk drama and Lee Jun Ki’s first drama since his discharge, which further elevates anticipation.

On top of the anticipation that comes from the cast, the drama will be produced by Kim Sang Ho PD, who worked with “Can You Hear My Heart,” “Soul,” and “Fantasy Couple.”