Lee Young Ae’s Twins’ First Birthday Party Photos

Shown above is a picture from the first-birthday party (Doljanchi) of actress Lee Young Ae’s twins.

Lee Young Ae and Jung Ho Young couple held their twins’ first-birthday party on February 20 at a hotel in Namsan, Seoul. The party wasn’t a big one; they only invited relatives and close friends. The only celebrity who came was Jeon Ji Hyun.

At the event, Lee Young Ae wore soft-toned Hanbok, and Jung Ho Young was dressed in a suit. The twins’ got all the attention and praises from the guests about how the twins were inherited the genes of their good-looking parents.

At the party, the twins’ video of growing-up story was played. The couple created the video themselves with photos they took. The image of Lee Young Ae as a mom with the babies was more beautiful than any other images of her as an actress in commercials. The couple also played a filmed message to their twins.

“Dear sweethearts, mom and dad met on campus and loved each other for a long time. And finally we were able to meet you. We hope you will grow up as people who can help others. Dad and mom always pray. Thank you for being healthy. By the way, you guys have to always thank your mom since you got her pretty genes. Okay? (Laugh)” (Jung Ho Young)

“We hope you behave yourselves as you get older. Please don’t be rebellious…, (Laugh) mom doesn’t want anything else. I just want you both to be nice and live happily for a long time. Love you my babies!” (Lee Young Ae)

The video was followed by ‘doljabi’ event (an event where baby(ies) pick an object among a variety of selections, and each object has a meaning), quiz time, and pastor’s words of blessing. Lee Young Ae and Jung Ho Young couple’s witty comments made the guests unable to stop laughing throughout the party. There were framed photos of the couple’s past year’s daily lives located around the hall. Those showed Lee Young Ae’s blessed life as a mother.