John Park Promises to Do Ballet Dance?

John Park had his debut with mini-album “Knock” on SBS Power FM “Park So Hyun’s Love Game” that was aired on February 22. His title song “Falling” is listed high up on the charts, chasing BIGBANG’s “Blue.” DJ Park So Hyun asked, “Any promises in case you reach number one spot?”John Park surprised everyone by replying, “If I get number one spot, I’ll dance. I’ll dance to the melancholy tune of my title song, ‘Falling.’”

Park So Hyun suggested, “Then how about a ballet dance instead of some lively dance?” and he willingly promised to do the ballet.

Those who were listening made comments such as “I want to see him do ballet dance! Let’s make his song number one on the charts~” and “John Park doing ballet? I can’t imagine.”

He had his first radio station debut this Wednesday when his album came out, and he had his first debut stage on TV this Thursday.