2AM Upset About Upcoming Album Information Leakage

On 23rd, someone posted a picture with a title of “2AM Mini-Album Songs Information” on the board of an entertainment news website. The picture had a list of 2AM’s new songs that recently have been registered on Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA). Some of 2AM’s fans saw the information of the five new songs on KOMCA and raised the issue of information leakage.

2AM’s list of songs registered on KOMCA include ones that singer Yoon Jong Shin and Wheesung collaborated on. However, there is only one song that 2AM’s entertainment agency’s CEO Bang Shi Hyuk worked on, so there’s a rumor going around that their unknown title song could be a work of some other songwriter.

A representative of Big Hit Entertainment said, “Those songs listed in the picture were the ones that we actually published,” and continued, “There was a communication conflict with KOMCA while we were discussing when to release the new songs, and that unfortunately led to the leakage.”

Meanwhile, 2AM will release their second mini-album on March 12th. They haven’t been very active in Korea for the past year and a half, so fans’ expectations of this new album have been very high.

This past Wednesday, 2AM opened a teaser site and announced their comeback.