Se7en and 2NE1’s Park Bom to Hold Joint Stage of “When I Can’t Sing”

Se7en will go on the stage with 2NE1’s Park Bom this week at SBS “Inkigayo” for a live performance of his latest single, “When I Can’t Sing.” This is the second joint performance by Se7en, following last week’s stage with the song’s composer, Park Jin Young.

“Park Bom fell in love with Se7en’s ‘When I Can’t Sing’ right after she heard it for the first time. Although 2NE1 is super busy with their Japanese album and music video, Park Bom is doing her best to prepare for this week’s special stage,” YG Entertainment said in a press release. 

Se7en and Park Bom’s pairing was made possible after Yang Hyun Suk and Park Jin Young discussed further ways to promote Se7en’s latest hit single. JYP and Se7en’s joint stage was met with much fanfare and so they decided to try it another time differently with Park Bom’s unique vocals. In fact, Se7en and Park Bom are known for being huge fans of each other, so this could turn out to be the start of more special stages to come.

Se7en and Park Bom’s performance of “When I Can’t Sing” will be shown on February 26 through SBS “Inkigayo.”

In case you missed it, make sure you watch Se7en and Park Jin Young’s performance of “When I Can’t Sing” below!