miss A Suzy Chooses Kim Soo Hyun over…

miss A’s Suzy will make her silver screen debut in March with “Introduction to Architecture,” co-starring Uhm Tae Woong, Han Ga In, and Lee Je Hoon. She wowed fans with her ability to sing and act with her acting debut in last year’s popular series “Dream High” with Kim Soo Hyun.   

During February 23’s episode of Mnet’sWide Entertainment News,” Suzy was asked to describe her male co-stars Lee Je Hoon and Kim Soo Hyun.  Suzy started, “Soo Hyun oppa is very thoughtful, attentive, and charming. He likes to take care of you.” She continued, “While he’s ten years older than me, Lee Je Hoon is still very playful and also takes care of me.”

When asked who she would choose between the two, Suzy replied without hesitation, “Soo Hyun oppa,” smiling bashfully.

Meanwhile, the members of miss A confessed that they were envious of Suzy’s innocent appearance and clear skin. miss A also explained that they split their profits equally among the members despite individual activities. 

During a recent interview, Suzy also revealed that Kim Soo Hyun complained to her for not watching his latest drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.”