New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 February Week 4

Big Bang mini-album Vol. 5 – Alive (Feb. 29)

01 Intro (Alive)
02 Blue
03 Love Dust
04 Bad Boy
05 Ain’t No Fun
06 Fantastic Baby
07 Wings (Daesung’ Solo)

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Big Bang is back with their highly anticipated fifth mini album “Alive.” Big Bang has been known for coming up with the latest trends be it through their sound, performances or fashion. “Alive” is the most personal album of the group as they poured their hearts and souls to create this album, them who thought they wouldn’t be able to comeback. The mini album comes in six different versions, including a group version and individual members versions. Member Daesung introduces his own solo song titled “Wings.”


Brave Girls mini-album Vol. 2 – Re-issue (Released)

01 B’Girls Are Back
02 These Days You
03 Without A Word
04 These Days You (Remix Ver.)
05 Without A Word (Ins.)

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Brave Brothers‘ protege Brave Girls are back with their addictive tunes and trendy sound. This time around, the girls have left their cute and sexy image at home and want to battle it up with boy groups which is also seen through their performances. “Re-Issue” which means “to be the center of attention once again” opens with an intro announcing that “B’Girls Are Back.” Their new single “These Days You” is an electro pop number, reminiscent of Brave Brothers’ previous productions.

Infinite (single) – Cover Girl: Second Invasion (Released)

01 Cover Girl (Live Ver.)

Infinite has successfully kicked off their very first concert in Seoul on February 11 and February 12. The show sold out in less than ten minutes. “Second Invasion” which is the name of their first concert was named after the group’s first album “First Invasion” which has enjoyed tremendous success. Their new single “Cover Girl” is the live version of their previously released hit “Cover Girl.” The song has been rearranged with a live band performance involving guitar riffs and a more dynamic sound of a live version. Infinite will hold a series of concerts for their Japanese fans on February 25 and 26.

Ilac/Monday Kiz (single) – Holiday (Released)

01 Holiday
02 Holiday (Inst.)

Monday Kiz‘s Han Seung Hee and solo singer Ilac teamed up to release a new single “Holiday.” It’s not their first collaboration single as Monday Kiz and Ilac also released another collaboration track “Letter,” which is a duet between Monday Kiz’s Lee Jin Sung and Ilac. “Holiday” is a ballad lead by acoustic guitar rythms and beautifully harmonized by Ilac and Han Seung Hee’s soothing vocals. The song’s choice of instruments have been reduced as much as possible to convey the singers’ voices without any more artifice.