Who is the Hottest Female K-Pop Idol According to Foreigners?

Cable channel tvN conducted a poll where 150 foreign students from twenty countries were asked which idol they thought was the hottest.

Lately, the K-Pop Wave has been capturing much interest in the world as its reach spreads far beyond the United States. Who is the top idol whose looks have attracted the attention of the world?

The first round was conducted, where foreigners were selected on the street to answer the question of who is the “number one pretty idol?” Americans who were interviewed selected YoonA of Girls’ Generation as the most attractive female idol. When asked why they chose YoonA they praised her for her natural beauty. Wonder GirlsYoobin ranked number one with students from South Africa, Turkey, and Kazakhstan.

Girls’ Generation and the Wonder Girls were strong in the survey. IU and Lee Hyori were looking to capture the love and support of the foreigners.  Yet, who would ultimately come out on top as the worldwide favorite?

As the final round came to a close, ten male foreigners representing France, Italy, the United States, Korea and other countries combined their scores. When all the votes were tallied 2NE1’s Sandara Park received 57 points in total bringing her to third place, Seohyun of Girls Generation accumulated 71 points taking second place, and Wonder Girls’ Yoobin topped the chart with a total of 77 points.

Those who had chosen Yoobin as the prettiest idol responded saying, “She is so charming and beautiful. She has so many great qualities, I’m so happy that my favorite was chosen as number one,” and “Those overseas seem to favor your tan skin, I do not want to bother trying to lighten your skin.”