Will.i.am Parties and Works with 2NE1 in Seoul

A series of recent tweets by world-renown artist and producer, will.i.am revealed that he is out and about in Seoul, Korea with none other than the ladies of 2NE1.

He posted several tweets with several photos of himself partying with 2NE1 at a club. His tweets revealed that he was out with his fellow Black Eyed Peas member apl.de.ap. Also, Minzy was not able to join since she is underage.

It was also reported that will.i.am’s production for 2NE1’s American debut album is in full throttle. Currently, will.i.am is traveling around the world as a spokesperson for the Intel Ultrabook promotion. It is said that he is writing music through the inspirations he received from visiting different cities around the world. He came to Korea to promote Intel’s Ultrabook as well as to meet up with 2NE1. Ten tracks have already been produced at the moment and it is expected that more will be produced during this encounter.

Sources from 2NE1’s side stated on February 27, “will.i.am is planning to spend a lot of time with 2NE1 to discuss about the production. will.i.am is showing great passion – he even asked for a recording studio to be prepared in Korea. We will expect to see more details around 2NE1’s US debut through this meet.”

Check out the photos of will.i.am with Bom, CL and Sandara from will.i.am’s Twitter!