Eugene and Ki Tae Young Fight Like Any Other Married Couple

On February 28, actor Ki Tae Young opened up about his and Eugene‘s love story, as well as their newlywed life on YTN’s “New&Issue – Issue&People.”

In response to the question of “Have you two recently had a fight?” Ki Tae Young responded, “We fight now and then. But I think the important thing is how we make up at the end. There has to be a sense of mutual respect on both of our parts.” 

“The most recent fight we had was over something most other newlyweds probably fight over too. We fight over things like ‘How much do you think of me?'”

The MC also asked, “Do you guys check each other’s call and text histories?” Ki Tae Young replied, “We respect each other’s individual activities and work schedules. There’s nothing like that between us. Since we both use smartphones we see where text messages come from sometimes, but we don’t deliberately check each other’s phones.” 

In the same episode, Ki Tae Young also spoke more about his married life with Eugene and shared his personal thoughts on his acting.