Park Ha Sun Transforms Into a Black Swan

A picture of Park Ha Sun‘s transformation into a Black Swan has been revealed. 

On February 27 through her me2day Park Ha Sun posted, “High Kick‘s 100th episode is finally airing tonight! I am laying in bed and kind of ill after tonight’s episode. I truly tried my best to become a charismatic ‘Black Swan’ please watch the TV show in a favorable light. High Kick! We only have 20 episodes left.” 

In the picture Park Ha Sun is seen in a completely different image from her usual innocent look with thick smoky eye makeup. Her eye makeup which resemble swan feathers is gaining much attention. 

Netizens have responded to her post, “Only 20 episodes left? What am I supposed to watch in the evenings now,” “Even though the makeup is thick you still look innocent,” “Please don’t be ill! If you are sick, we fans feel sick too.” 

Park Ha Sun is currently a part of MBC’s sitcom “High Kick! The Short Legs Strike Back” collaborating with Seo Ji Suk as a couple on the show.