Kim Bum Visits Japan for Fan Club Inauguration Ceremony

Kim Bum held two fan club “Vega” inauguration ceremonies on February 25. It had been about 1 year and a half since Kim Bum met Japanese fans. However, Kim Bum was welcomed by nearly 1,000 fans for the events. The events contained different corners where Kim Bum explained how he was doing and also about his future projects.

Kim Bum revealed that he would release an album in Japan. He let fans listen to one of the recorded tracks. A Japanese representative stated, “The event location was limited. Although we received a lot of requests to increase the capacity, we were only able to house 1,000 fans for the event. Fans that could not get tickets were very upset. Kim Bum is currently receiving numerous requests to make another Japanese visit.”

The representative continued, “Kim Bum gave each fan a hug and handshake during the inauguration ceremony. There were many fans that cried after seeing Kim Bum in person. He promised to return so that he could repay the fans that gave him so much support despite never having pursued official activities in Japan.”