[Exclusive] Behind the Scenes at SBS MTV "Music Island": Episode 1

The wait is over! SBS MTV will air the first show of “Music Island,” hosted by Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, tonight, February 29! The Soompi team went down to Jeju Island along with the cast and crew of “Music Island” to give you a peek into what happens behind-the-scenes at one of the most exciting music shows! Oh! Did I mention that we were in the same plane as B.A.P., Rainbow, and other K-Pop stars on our way to Jeju? I can tell you first hand that the boys of B.A.P. have great manners! Sigh when I dropped my ID while boarding…sigh ^ ^

Are you curious as to what happens BTS during music shows? Well, if so, you should definitely watch our Soompi video! Plus, we have an exclusive interview with one of the fastest rising K-Pop groups B.A.P.! For the full interview with B.A.P., stay tuned to Soompi! (cough cough:: it’ll be up on Friday!!! shhh!!!) ^ ^

“Music Island” is a new music show that features both live performances and talk sessions with some of the hottest K-Pop stars. Hosted by Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, “Music Island” takes place at the beautiful island of Jeju, also known as South Korea’s Hawaii. The guest list for the first show includes: IU, B.A.P., Jung Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul), Sunny Hill, and Rainbow.

“Music Island” will air its first episode on February 29 at 8PM KST on SBS MTV. 

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