Girls’ Generation and KARA Considered Short! Hierarchy of Girl Groups by Height

Following the popular rankings of girl groups by popularity and talent, a new hierarchy chart surfaced, garnering netizens’ attention once more. This time, the hierarchy was based off of the average heights of girl groups. The categories are as follows: red equals giant; orange, tall; yellow, average; green, short; and blue, really short.

Unsurprisingly, “model idols” Nine Muses took home the number one spot with an average height of 171.9 cm. After School, the first of the ‘tall’ girl groups in the K-Pop industry, took fourth place with an average height of 168.5cm.

Girls’ Generation and the Wonder Girls were listed in the short category with an average height of 163.5cm and 163.6cm respectively. KARA, 2NE1, Secret, and Brown Eyed Girls, and were categorized as “really short.” Brown Eyed Girls had the shortest average height among the girl groups with 160.0cm.