Bad Hair Day for Kim Soo Hyun?

On February 28, screen shots titled “Kim Soo Hyun, Were We Fooled by Your Hairstyle All this Time?” were uploaded to several online communities, proving just how important hairstyles are for everyone – including celebrities. 

The screen shots were taken from MBC sitcom “Kimchee Cheese Smile,” and showed a completely different side of Kim Soo Hyun. Recently, he’s captured the hearts of female viewers around the globe with his charismatic role as Lee Hwon in the popular series “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.” However, the screen shots surprised and shocked many of his fans as Kim Soo Hyun looked vastly different with a strange hairstyle. 

Netizens commented, “No! these photos just ruined my fantasy,” “Nah~ he still looks the same,” “That hairstyle did not do him justice,” “I want to send this photo to Yeon Woo and see what she thinks,” and more.