Song Seung Hun and Park Min Young on the Set of Filming for "Dr. Jin"

The first set of filming for the MBC drama, “Dr. Jin,” was revealed with pictures of Song Seung Hun and Park Min Young. On May 1, according to MBC, they had their first filming in the middle of last month at a university hospital in Kangwon-do.

It is being said that while playing the character of the smart surgeon Jin Hyuk, Song Seung Hun captured the hearts of women who came to the set to watch him act. Park Min Young showed off proper and proud charms while acting as the character “Yoo Mi Na,” who is a doctor of the internal department with a pure beauty.

The production team stated, “From the first filming, the two actors worked together well by acting naturally and comfortably. Also, for the best cut, they practiced their lines and the flow of things during their break time. After filming, they would monitor their performances together. The production team was touched by their passion.”

The fantasy medical drama, “Dr. Jin,” is based off of the Japanese comic with the same name. The drama is about how one of Korea’s top surgeons, Jin Hyuk, played by actor Song Seung Hun, goes through various obstacles as he travels backwards in time. He starts from the present time, goes to 1860, and then further back to the Joseon Period.