Kim Soo Hyun Looks Too Excited Next to His Ideal Woman

On May 2, British model Kaya Scodelario tweeted a funny photo of her with Kim Soo Hyun, her long-time admirer and modeling partner for J.ESTINA.

The beautiful model tweeted a smiley face with a photo that showed Kim Soo Hyun giving a big smile, standing right next to her. Kim Soo Hyun has expressed his secret admiration for Scodelario many times in the past, describing her as his ideal type, and it seems as if he’s too mesmerized by her presence right next to him.

Netizens that saw the photo commented, “I’ve never seen Kim Soo Hyun that happy,” “Were you that excited next to Kaya?” and “They actually do look very good together.”

Scodelario arrived in Korea on May 1 for her commercial with Kim Soo Hyun for J.ESTINA.