SISTAR Moves Up while f(x) and 4minute Drop in Latest Girl Group Hierarchy

Remember the girl group hierarchy chart from February that ranked girl groups in order of popularity?

Well, that chart apparently got an update by fans from online community boards recently. It turns out over the past two months, SISTAR made a huge push and put themselves a level up to join Brown Eyed Girls, miss A, and f(x) in the “Socialite Level.” Their recent success with “Alone,” which gave them #1 awards on music shows contributed to their success, according to the chart.

f(x), meanwhile, dropped one level from its original ranking of “Nationwide Level.” It reasoned the members’ individual activities didn’t bring fruitful results, but projected them to step it up once they return with their new album in the first half of this year.

4minute, however, saw its stock dip even further, dropping to “The Maginot Line Level.” Despite their comeback with “Volume Up,” 4minute didn’t see as much success as SISTAR, who returned at the same time, and aside from HyunA, they’re not seeing much star power generated.

Another group to see its popularity wane is Rainbow, according to the chart, as they haven’t really spent much time on Korean promotions. On the other hand, Nine Muses, got upgraded to “The Maginot Line Level” because of their consecutive hit singles and appealing members.

As with the previous chart, this hierarchy is in no way supposed to serve as the official popularity ranking of the girl groups. But it’s a good indicator that represents the true feelings of Korean netizens on each of the top girl groups. But even with all the changes, it’s interesting to see the top 5 remain the same. In particular, the top 2, Girls’ Generation and 2NE1, are still firmly holding on to the “Wall You Can’t Go Over (Untouchable) Level,” reflecting their on-going dominance in the industry.

Do you agree with this chart? What changes would you have made? See the old chart here!