Kim Soo Hyun’s Ideal Woman Kaya Scodelario Tweets “I Have Fallen in Love with…”

As reported numerous times, Kim Soo Hyun recently met up with his ideal woman, Kaya Scodelario, for a photoshoot for J. ESTINA. On May 3, the British actress shared photos of herself with Kim Soo Hyun, enjoying a meal with their support team. She tweeted, “I have fallen in love with Korea…” Kim Soo Hyun sits right across from Kaya Scodelario, smiling at her as she snaps a photo.

Netizens commented, “Did she fall in love with Korea because of Kim Soo Hyun? >< lol,” “I’m in love with Kaya,” “Our Sun Looks so happy,” “Looks like Kim Soo Hyun fulfilled his wish,” and more. 

Earlier this year, Kim Soo Hyun made headlines by naming Kaya Scodelario his ideal type. The interview was circulated over various internet communities, and the British actress/model quickly became one of the hottest trending topics that week.