Girl Groups’ Controversial, Disturbing, and Just Plain Fugly Stage Outfits

The recent controversies surrounding the “optical illusion” outfits of girl groups have led us to research some of the past controversial, disturbing, or just plain fugly outfits that celebrities should have done a double take at the mirrors before walking out of their dressing rooms.

Girls’ Day: Diaper Fashion

On May 2011, Girls’ Day drew much controversy from the public for their “diaper fashion.” During a performance to “Sparkling Sparkling,” the girls wore very short white and yellow mini skirts and white cheerleader briefs under. However, many observers have been commenting that the ruffly briefs were reminiscent of diapers, coining the term “diaper fashion.” The inappropriate outfits drew many criticisms from the media and the public, especially because some of the girls had still been minors. 

T-ara: Orange Bodysuits

Back in 2010, T-ara created some media buzz with their skin-tight orange bodysuit that outlined every line, and I mean every line, of their body during a performance to “Why Are You Being Like This.” The outfits fit a little too tight in the crotch, making it uncomfortable for viewers to watch. 

4Minute: Scuba Diving Wetsuits

For the “Inkigayo Jeju Special Concert” in 2011, 4minute came onstage in an all-black ensemble. The girls tucked in their tight black tops into their black leggings, making it seem as if they were wearing wetsuits. The outfit itself wasn’t as horribly figure-hugging as T-ara’s bodysuit, but the combination of 4minute’s clothes and dance made it much worse. Many deemed 4minute’s performance in Jeju too sexy to watch with family and children.

miss A: Bandage Dresses

During their performances for “Touch,” the girls of miss A donned what they called the “bandage dress.” The stylists attempted to created a sexy look, using thick, nude fabric as the base of the dress while the white stripes covered the necessary portions of the girls’ bodies. Many netizens have pointed out that the dresses were just plain fugly. Not only did the girls look like mummies, they looked uncomfortable and hot in the outfits. Why didn’t the designer go for sheer fabric? And, did they really have to take the concept of heartbreak, pain, and “blood” so literal that they had to use bandages for their outfits? On a side note, their other lacey black wardrobe was definitely a better choice.

More female artists and their questionable wardrobe choices below!


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