Song Baek Kyung Didn’t Like Goo Hye Sun Becoming a Singer

Singer Song Baek Kyung talked about how he felt about Goo Hye Sun’s career change..

In this coming week’s KBS 2TV “Star Life Theater,” Song Baek Kyung showed up on television for the first time in five years as Goo Hye Sun’s close friend. 

As 1TYM’s member who is now a CEO of a restaurant, Song Baek Kyung was a member of first generation Korean hip-hop group in the late 90’s.

Goo Hye Sun and Song Baek Kyung are both a part of YG Entertainment, and they have been close friends for more than ten years. As a result, they are very close and even share personal secrets and worries.

Song Baek Kyung revealed his honest opinion about Goo Hye Sun in “Star Life Theater,” and said that he didn’t like Goo Hye Sun’s moving into his work field (music) as an actress.

But he felt she wasn’t just trying to do music to show-off and realized she actually had the will and skills. He says he is now fully supportive of her.