Go Soo Still Sleeps at Seoul Station Sometimes

Actor Go Soo said he enjoys sleeping out in the open.

In KBS 2TV “Entertainment Relay” that was aired this past Saturday, Go Soo’s CF filming scene was shown in “Star On-Air” corner.

In that day’s show, Go Soo said, “I think I gained weight.” And to this the reporter said, “I guess your new marriage made you happy.” After hearing that, Go Soo rubbed his cheeks with both of his hands as if he was blushing.

Also, Go Soo confessed that it has become more stable after the marriage and shared that he is spending much happy time.

Go Soo also talked about his sleeping out in the open. He said, “I like sleeping outside, and I still do it sometimes. I enjoy camping, too.” This was to explain why his related keyword in seach engines is “sleeping out in Seoul station.”

He also shared his willingness to show on “Happy Sunday – 1 Night 2 Days” as a guest.