Kim C Met Kang Ho Dong Outside of Work Only Once

Kim C talked about his relationship with Kang Ho Dong and other members of “1 Night 2 Days.”

In KBS 2TV “Story Show: Do Dream” that was aired on Saturday, criminal psychology Professor Pyo Chang Won, Kim Soo Yong, and Jung Joo Ri appeared as guests.

Kim C became a new MC of the program that day, and when Jung Joo Ri confessed that she is very shy in front of strangers, he said, “Unlike how I seem, I am not shy in front of strangers.”

Kim C said, “I did ‘1 Night and 2 Days’ for three years, but I met Kang Ho Dong outside of work only once. I have never talked on the phone with other members either.”

He also asserted, “I think you can only be friends when it’s absolute rather than merely having a sense of purpose of working in the same field. I don’t know about having to become friends just because you work together in the same show… I don’t think that’s called a friend. That person is just a co-worker. But that doesn’t make me shy or uncomfortable in front of that person. I just don’t think I should be like that.”