Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2012 – May Week 1

For the fourth week in a row, we have a new No. 1 song on our chart. Sistar’s “Alone” moves past 4minute’s “Volume Up” to top this week’s chart with a near perfect score of 995. The only blemish comes from airplay where “Volume Up” is ahead of “Alone”. We have not seen a No. 1 song scoring this high and near perfection for a long time. The last chart topping song to score higher than “Alone” was IU’s “You And I”, scoring 998 points in January Week 1 of last year. It looks like “Alone” will have a great chance of repeating as No. 1 next week, ending the streak of one week champion only at four weeks.

Indie rock group and Superstar K3 winner Busker Busker is still hanging on to the No. 3 spot with their former No. 1 song “Cherry Blossom Ending”. Despite a lack of TV appearances, this song is still going strong on all our chart sources.

There are two new songs in the top 10 this week. Moving up 21 big spots and landing at No. 4 is R&B quartet Noel’s latest hit “Leaving”. Noel resurrected their career last year with the song “I Miss You”, one of the surprising hits late last year. “Leaving” is about wanting to hold onto a lover but unable to. The song is written by Choi Gyu Sung, who also wrote Huh Gak’s “Person Who Once Loved Me” in the top 10 this week.

Another big mover into the top 10 this week is at No. 10. Sunny Hill’s latest hit “Is The White Horse Coming?” moves up 19 spots this week and just enough to enter the top 10. Sunny Hill was one of the few mixed groups in Korea, but recently became an all female group as the lone male member Jang Hyun entered the military. The song is again written by Lee Min Soo and Kim Ina, who has written many Sunny Hill’s past hit songs. This song is of the boogie genre, and the song’s exciting sounds is expected to capture listeners’ interests. 

SOOMPI CHART for 2012, Month 5, Week 1

1. (+1) Sistar – 나혼자 (Alone) ***1st Week @ No. 1***
Score: 995
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Brave Brothers / Lyrics: Brave Brothers
Album: Sistar Mini Album Vol. 1 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


2. (-1) 4 minute – Volume Up
Score: 936
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Shinsadong Tiger, Rado / Lyrics: Shinsadong Tiger, Rado
Album: 4Minute Mini Album Vol. 3 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


3. (–) Busker Busker – 벚꽃 엔딩 (Cherry Blossom Ending)
Score: 851
Genre: Indie Rock

Music: Jang Bum Joon / Lyrics: Jang Bum Joon
Album: Busker Busker Vol. 1 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


4. (+21) Noel – 떠나간다 (Leaving)
Score: 732
Genre: R&B Ballad

Music: Choi Gyu Sung / Lyrics: Choi Gyu Sung
Album: Noel Single Album | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


5. (+4) Big Bang – Fantastic Baby
Score: 676
Genre: R&B

Music: Teddy, G Dragon / Lyrics: G Dragom
Album: Big Bang Mini Album Vol. 5 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


6. (+2) Huh Gak – 나를 사랑했던 사람아 (Person Who Once Loved Me)
Score: 661
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: Choi Gyu Sung / Lyrics: Choi Gyu Sung
Album: Huh Gak Mini Album Vol. 2 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


7. (-1) Shinhwa – Venus
Score: 650
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Andrew Jackson, Gandalf Roudette, Joshua Thompson / Lyrics: Lee Min Woo
Album: Shinhwa Vol. 10 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


8. (-4) Nell – 그리고, 남겨진 것들 (The Day Before)
Score: 624
Genre: Rock

Music: Kim Jong Wan / Lyrics: Kim Jong Wan
Album: Nell Vol. 5 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


9. (-2) Yangpa & Davichi & Hanna – 사랑은 다 그런거래요 (Love Is All The Same)
Score: 617
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: Cho Young Soo / Lyrics: Kang Eun Kyung
Album: Yangpa Mini Album “Together” | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV


10. (+19) Sunny Hill – 백마는 오고 있는가 (Is The White Horse Coming?)
Score: 586
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Lee Min Soo / Lyrics: Kim Ina
Album: Sunny Hill digital single ” Is The White Horse Coming?”
Watch: MV


Rank Artist Song Score
11 Bae Chi Gi (+1) 두 마리 (Two Mari) 570
12 Girl’s Day (+12) Oh! My God 560
13 CNBlue (-8) Hey You 483
14 Baek Chung Kang (+14) 그리워져 (Missing You (feat. Lee Hee Sun)) 437
15 SHINee (-4) Sherlock 430
16 Seo In Kook (-6) 말고 당겨줘 (Tease Me) 430
17 Tae Yeon (-4) 미치게 보고싶은 (Missing You Like Crazy) 370
18 Ailee (-3) Heaven 296
19 Ivy (new) 찢긴 가슴 (Broken Heart) 285
20 Kim Yeon Woo (+30) 인기없던노래 (Not A Popular Song) 276
21 EXO-K (-2) MAMA 272
22 Electroboys (new) 웃을까 울을까 (Smile Or Cry (feat. Baek Ji Young)) 264
23 2AM (-9) 너도 나처럼 (I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me) 250
24 B1A4 (-2) Baby I’m Sorry 242
25 Baek Ji Young (+2) 한참 지나서 (After A Long Time) 233
26 Cho Shin Sung (+20) Stupid Love 225
27 Primary (new) 씨스루 (See Through (feat. Gaeko, Zion T)) 182
28 Big Bang (-7) BLUE 172
29 Big Bang (-6) Bad Boy 171
30 K.Will (-13) 사랑이 운다 (Love Is Crying) 165
31 John Park (-5) Falling 163
32 Lee Young Hyun (Big Mama) (new) 사랑은 이렇게 (Love Like This) 162
33 BTOB (-1) 비밀 (Insane) 150
34 Jang Nara (+4) 너만 생각나 (I Only Think Of You) 146
35 Miss A (–) Touch 137
36 Yang Yo Sub (Beast) & Jung Eun Ji (Apink) (-2) Love Day 136
37 Lyn (-19) 곰인형 (Teddy Bear (feat. Hae Geum)) 132
38 Lee Seung Chul (-1) 잊었니 (Did You Forget) 120
39 MC Sniper (-23) 할 수 있어 (Can You Do It (with Yiruma)) 93
40 Brave Guys (-20) 기다려 그리고 준비해 (Wait And Ready) 89
41 Lee Jae Hoon (new) 잊을 수 있을까 (Can I Forget It?) 87
42 Urban Zakapa (–) Beautiful Day 85
43 Peppertones (new) 행운을 빌어요 (Good Luck) 84
44 U-Kiss (new) 돌아돌아 (Dora Dora) 82
45 Spica (-14) Painkiller 81
46 Kan Mi Youn & Lee Hyun (new) 널 잃고 보니 (I Lose You) 73
47 ANDAMIRO (new) 말고 (Except (feat. YDG)) 70
48 The One (-12) 단 한번의 사랑 (Only One Love) 58
49 T-Ara (-1) Lovey Dovey 50
50 A Pink (-7) 4월 19일 (April 19th) 47




Urban Space – So I Pray  (feat. Longing Girl) 
Genre: R&B Ballad
External from soompi image 
Album: Urban Space EP “So I Pray” Track 1
Watch: MV
Comment: Producer Dr.9 introduces a new “soul diva” named Urban Space this year. The singer is only 21 year old, but has already held many concerts in Hongdae. The singer finally releases her debut album titled, “So I Pray” which holds two title tracks – one of the same title and “Never Forget.” “So I Pray” is a mellow acoustic number featuring Longing Girl. It is a very relaxing song to listen to. (credits to motoway065 for translations)



About the Soompi Music Chart:

Soompi Music Chart is unlike any other music charts or television rankings. It takes into account rankings by various major music charts in Korea and airplays of each song, making it an unbiased and objective tally of what’s going on in the world of K-pop. Our chart is composed of the following sources:

Air Monitor Chart – 15%
GAON Music Chart – 15%
Various Internet charts (Olleh, Bugs, Melon, Soribada, Naver, Daum) – 15%
Billboard Korea – 15%   
SBS (Inky Gayo Take 7 + voting list) – 10%
MBC Inky Top 100 Chart – 10%
KBS Music Bank K-Chart – 10%
MNet Chart – 10%

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