Lee Hyori Almost Became a Hip Hop Warrior Princess with Jaurim’s Brother

Lee Hyori talked about her special tie with Jaurim Kim Yoon Ah’s brother Kim Yoon Il. In SBS “Jung Jae Hyung Lee Hyoris You and I” that was aired on May 6, Jaurim, Nell, Glen Check appeared as guests, and the show was a rock band special.

That day in the show, Jaurim sang “Thorn Tree,” which is a song they previously performed in MBC “I Am a Singer.”

During the follow-up interview, MC Lee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung invited Kim Yoon Ah’s brother to come up the stage when they learned that the person who sang chorus of “Thorn Tree” was her brother.

When Kim Yoon Il came up on the stage, Lee Hyori stared at him, tilting her head.

Kim Yoon Il introduced himself that he was an idol before, and Lee Hyori said, “We know each other. We once practiced together to debut as a hip-hop group.”

Kim Yoon Il said, “I almost debuted with Lee Hyori as members of hip-hop group called ON School. But Lee Hyori switched to different agency and debuted as a member of FIN.K.L

And Lee Hyori joked, “I think it was smart of me to get out of that hip-hop group,” which made everyone laughed.