Twin Brother Huh Gong pretended to Be Huh Gak and Met with Fans

During the filming of the upcoming episode of MBCCome To Play,” Huh Gong confessed that he pretended as twin brother Huh Gak from time to time at his convenience. Huh Gong said, “Huh Gak’s always been a good singer before ‘Super Star K2.’ He’s been performing on various stages since our school days and had many fans.” 

He added, “A female fan of Huh Gak thought I was him and told me she liked me. So I pretended to be Huh Gak and continued meeting her.” Upon his brother’s confession, Huh Gak seemed outraged, which made the audience laugh hard. Huh Gong also confessed that pretending to be Huh Gak allowed him many free meals at restaurants, infuriating Huh Gak even more. 

The more detailed confession of Huh Gong will be featured on upcoming episode of MBC “Come To Play,” which airs on May 7 at 11:15pm KST.