2AM Jo Kwon Wishes Seulong Happy Birthday with Three Embarrassing Photos of the Birthday Boy

2AM’s Jo Kwon wished Seulong happy birthday with three embarrassing photos of the birthday boy. On May 11, Jo Kwon tweeted, “Seulong hyung. Happy birthday!” and attached several photos, amusing fans.

Unlike his usual good-looking self, the photos Jo Kwon attached captured not-so-attractive faces of Seulong. Seulong responded, “Do you know who I fear most? It’s you. I expected you to do something like this.” Jinwoon also joined the conversation, posting, “Happy birthday Seulong hyung. I wanted to upload a photo too, but I just couldn’t.”

Meanwhile, labelmates 2PM’s Taecyeon and other celebrities also sent their birthday wishes to Seulong. 

Seulong, born May 11, 1987, turns 26 today.