"Dr. Jin" Reveals Song Seung Hun and Park Min Young’s Lovely Still Together

On May 11, the upcoming drama “Dr. Jin” showed a still that expressed Song Seung Hun and Park Min Young’s love for each other. As you can see in the picture, Park Min Young is giving a back hug to Song Seung Hun and it showing a sad expression while Song Seung Hun is looking ahead.

A representative of ‘Dr. Jin” stated, “If Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hun’s Character) and Mina (One of Park Min Young’s characters) are a smart doctor couple in 2012. In the Joseon period, Jin Hyuk and Young Rae (Park Min Young’s other character) show a more fantastical image. Please anticipate and show interest in the two actors that will light up ‘Dr. Jin.’”

“Dr. Jin” will begin broadcasting on May 26. It is based on the Japanese manga “Jin” which was also made into a drama in Japan. The Korean drama will be about South Korea’s best doctor “Doctor Jin” (Jin Hyuk) transporting back to the Joseon period in the 1860s.