New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 May Week 2

IU – Spring of a Twenty-Year-Old (May 14)

01 Peach
02 End of the Day

03 Hate That Kid

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IU comes before fans this spring with a new single album titled, “Spring of a Twenty-Year-Old.” The singer experiments with various genres and top producers, composers, and lyricists took part in this album. The album starts off with “Peach,” a song IU composed herself. This acoustic number is about the nervous feelings one has with new love. The title track of the album is “End of the Day,” a Park Geun Tae and Kim Do Hun composition. It is an upbeat pop number. Fans can hear the bright vocals IU has already received much love for. The last song is “Hate That Kid,” an R&B ballad number composed by Kim Eun Su.

Xia Junsu Vol. 1 – Tarantallegra (May 14)

01 Sunset
02 Tarantallegra (feat. Flowsik of Aziatix)

03 Set Me Free (feat. Bizzy)
04 No Gain
05 I Hate Love
06 Even If I Turn and Turn
07 Intoxication
08 Breath (Feat. Double K)
09 While Knowing
10 Lullaby (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo)
11 Fever
12 Tree With Dew

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World star, Xia Junsu releases his first solo album this year titled, “Tarantallegra.” Most of the songs which range from dance songs to ballads, were composed and penned by the singer himself. There are a total of twelve songs, with the title track being, “Tarantallegra.” It is a groovy R&B dance track that showcases Xia’s vocals. The song was composed and arranged by the artist himself with lyrics written by his older brother, Juno. Flowsik of Aziatix is also featured in the rap segment of the song.

Infinite mini-album – Infinitize (May 15)

Track list coming soon

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Infinite, who received much love last year returns after a busy schedule in Japan with a new mini-album, “Infinitize.” It is expected to receive love from fans from all over the world.

A Pink Vol. 1 – Une Annee
(May 14)

01 Une Annee
02 Hush

03 Cat
04 April 19th
05 Bubibu
06 Step
07 Boy
08 I Got You
09 High Into the Sky (feat. Joker)

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Apink returns to us once more after a year since their debut, with their first full-length album, “Une Annee.” The title track is “Hush,” which was co-produced by Rado and Hyu-you. Just one listen and listeners are expected to fall in love with the girls’ cuteness. The girls’ charming vocals and the song’s refreshing melody are key to this song. The song is about overcoming your fears about confessing your love for someone.

Ulala Session 1st mini-album – Ulala Sensation (May 17)

01 Urbanic (Ulala Prologue)
02 Ulala
03 Beautiful Night
04 Used It All Up
05 Dynamite (feat. T Yoon Mirae)
06 Wedding Singer
07 I’m Happy

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Superstar K3’s Ulala Session shows us how to play and have fun with their official first mini-album titled, “Ulala Sensation.” There are a total of seven songs ranging from acappella, rock & roll, ballad, and even reggae. T (Yoon Mirae) is also featured in the song “Dynamite” making it even more anticipated by fans.

Dalmatian mini-album Vol. 2 – State Of Emergency (May 16)

01 E.R
02 Drive
03 Hurt Me
04 Still By Ur Side

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Dalmatian makes a comeback after a year and three months with their second mini-album titled, “State of Emergency.” In addition, the group introduces a new member, named Simon. Top producers, who have previously worked with Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo, MBLAQ, and SISTAR, took part in this album, making it all the more anticipated by fans. The title track is “E.R,” a song produced by “Idan Yeopchagi.” Fans will be able to see a manlier image of the boys through their music video, which was directed by Zany Bros. The director is known to have worked with top musicians like B2ST and Seo Taiji.

Baek Ji Young (single) – Voice (released)

01 Voice (feat. Gary of Leessang)

Baek Ji Young releases a new single titled, “Voice” in midst of an upcoming album. It is an R&B number featuring Gary of Leessang. Fans of both musicians will appreciate yet another collaboration between these two singers. The new album will be released on May 17th.

Mighty Mouth (single) – Bad Guy (released)

01 Bad Guy (feat. Soya)

Mighty Mouth returns with a new single titled, “Bad Guy.” It was composed by Rhymer who was also responsible for writing the duo’s hit track, “Toc Toc.” It is an exciting rap number which uses synths. It is expected to make listeners get up and dance to the beat. Soya once again lends her vocals to this exciting number.

Other Releases
Kim Chang Hun – Vol. 3 Letter From Happiness (May 15)
Lee Jung Suk – …ing (May 17)
Poohpuella – Poohpuella (May 17)

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