Lee Kwang Soo’s Five Stage Transformation

A picture showing Lee Gwang Soo‘s five stage transformation is garnering much attention of the netizens. On May 14, beverage brand Fanta revealed a part of an upcoming promotional music video featuring the brand’s endorsement model Lee Kwang Soo. The revealed snap shows five different characters portrayed by him.

For this promotional music video, Lee Kwang Soo had to transform into a professor, rapper, teacher, musician, and student. Due to the angles of cameras and lack of time to step aside and change into a different outfit, Lee Kwang Soo had to put each outfit off and transform into a different character. This clever outfit changing method adds more dynamic and comical accents to Lee Kwang Soo’s transformation. 

Fans can find Lee Kwang Soo’s five stage transformation in “Fanta Idol” Youtube fan page. Check out Fanta Idol’s music video featuring Lee Kwang Soo, Baek Jin Hee, and Kang Seung Yoon below!