2NE1 Sandara Shares Old Photo from Trainee Days

On May 15, 2NE1’s Sandara Park revealed a photo of herself during her trainee days. She wrote, “Young Dara, who found out how cold and hungry it was to live as a trainee. Back then, I thought all the hardships would end once I debut. It’s almost three years since I debuted, and I find myself worrying and thinking to myself that I have to work harder every time I’m preparing for a new album,” on her me2day.

Afterwards, she commented, “May 17 marks 2NE1’s three year anniversary. Here’s a photo from my trainee days! Man, I look young!” and shared an old photo of herself. In the photo, young Sandara is seen wearing a red tee and headband while working out.

Netizens commented, “Time sure flies,” “Happy three years!” “You look the same! How cute,” “Awww, it looks like she hurt herself. I can see scars on her arm,” “Hwaiting Sandara! Thank you for all your hard work,” and more.