Kwon Ri Sae, one of the top 12 finalists from the first season of MBC “Star Audition,” denied the recent pro-North Korean allegations. She was accused of being part of Jo Chong Ryun, the North Korean organization in Japan, after it was discovered that she performed in front of ex-North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in the past.

Key East Entertainment, however, told Sports Seoul that, “It is true that Kwon Ri Sae, a fourth generation Korean-Japanese immigrant, attended the Chosun School, which is part of the Jo Chong Ryun. But there weren’t that many Korean schools in Japan back then, and Ri Sae was living in a small town at the moment, so she didn’t have much choice. We heard there were only five students per class.”

According to an official, Kwon Ri Sae showed exceptional skills as a professional dancer in school, and she was invited to perform during Kim Jong Il’s birthday party in North Korea. However, this had nothing to do with Kwon Ri Sae’s political stance, as the official said, “She was in elementary school, and you don’t really have a political opinion at that age.”

The official explained, Kwon Ri Sae later transferred to a Korean-Japanese school, but was again invited to perform in North Korea for a special event. “Kwon Ri Sae could have attended a regular Japanese school, but her parents wanted to make sure she learned Korean, and that’s why she was sent to a Chosun School,” the official added.

Kwon Ri Sae, a former Miss Korea finalist, made to the top 12 stage during the first season of MBC “Star Audition.” She briefly appeared on MBC “We Got Married” with David Oh. Currently, she’s preparing for her debut under Key East Entertainment as part of their first girl group.