Sangchu’s Surprising Celebrity Connection with Han Ye Seul

Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu has a surprising celebrity connection with the actress and model, Han Ye Seul.

On May 16, a picture of Sangchu posing as a “Bad Boy” beside Han Ye Seul surfaced online. The image also had Lee Yong Woo posing in a “Bad Boy” stance beside the striking actress and is making a peace sign with his fingers.

Han Ye Seul is standing in between the two with a proud, but cute, expression on her face with her arms crossed.  She is wearing a flattering black and white dress and her hair looks flawless.

Those that viewed the picture commented, “Sangchu has really amazing connections!” “Because they posed all together like that, they must be really close,” and, “Not sure why, but I’m a little jealous.”

In other Mighty Mouth news, the group released their new track, “Bad Boy,” on May 10.

Sangchu and Han Ye Seul