2NE1 Official Blackjack Third Batch Registration Now Open!

With 2NE1‘s imminent comeback(?) underwayYG Entertainment has announced the registration for 2NE1’s third batch of Blackjacks! Each member had a short video dedicated to herself, and each talked about something different. 

Bom‘s video was titled, “It’s a Secret…!” When Dara asks her what she’s doing, Bom quickly hid a gift/surprise/secret she is preparing for the third batch of Blackjacks. Dara’s video was titled, “What I want to do with Blackjacks…!” Dara said that she would like to have fun concerts and meet fans really up close, and more. CL’s video was titled, “What Blackjacks Mean to Me…?” She answered the question by saying that, “Blackjacks are like friends and family. If not, sometimes they are like another me.” Maknae Minzy’s video was titled, “BLACKJACK 3RD!!!” Minzy enthusiastically announced the third batch, and implored 2NE1’s fans to register by May 25!

Check out the clips below, and if you’re a 2NE1 fan and haven’t already, make sure to register!

Bom – “It’s a Secret…!”

CL – “What Blackjacks Mean to Me…?”

Dara – “What I Want to Do with Blackjacks…?”

Minzy – “BLACKJACK 3RD!!!”