Girl’s Day Minah’s Perfect Collarbones Grace "Wanna Girls" Magazine Cover

Girl’s Day member Minah’s collarbones have become quite the topic.

Minah was chosen as the cover model for June’s issue of “Wanna Girls.” During the photoshoot Minah wore a sleeveless tube top which perfectly showed off her rich and voluptuous body. Prior to the magazine’s release, Minah had caught the eye of Netizen’s for being stunning without the aid of Photoshop. In the photo she was seen displaying her cute face and perfectly proportionate body. 


The magazine finally hit news stands and now her delicate collarbones were what captivated the attention of Netizens.

Those who saw the images commented saying, “I’m in complete envy of Minah’s perfect collarbones,” “Minah’s beauty is only accentuated by her awesome clavicle,” and “That can’t be Minah’s real collarbone line, is it?”

Believe it, they certainly are real. Feel free to take a look at the photos from the magazine below. What are your opinions of Minah’s photo shoot?