Baek Ayeon and Park Jae Hyung Join Park Jimin for JYP Entertainment

As we reported earlier, Park Jimin finally picked which management agency out of YGE, SME, and JYPE that she wanted to join. SBS announced on May 21 that she would sign with JYP Entertainment.

Well, it looks like at JYPE she will be joined by fellow contestants on “SBS K-Pop Star.” JYPE announced on May 22 that Baek Ayeon (Who finished in 3rd place) and Park Jae Hyung (Who finished in 6th place) would also be joining JYPE.

JYPE stated, “After Park Jimin joined JYPE, Baek Ayeon and Park Jae Hyung also signed with JYPE. Currently they are training as trainees.”

JYPE continued, “Both the contestants and JYPE met eye to eye, JYPE believes that they are very talented and also have a lot of potential. We hope you continue to watch out for Baek Ayeon and Park Jae Hyung that will be trained through JYP’s comprehensive system.”