2NE1 Shares Details on New Album and Next Concert

2NE1 will release a new album in June and hold a solo concert in Seoul in July, local media Star News reported on May 21.

According to the report, a YG official was quoted as saying, “2NE1 will release a new album in June. They already finished recording seven tracks with their main producer, Teddy. After the release of the new album, the group will also run a lot of TV promotions.”

If the report is true, this will be 2NE1’s first comeback in nearly 11 months. In their previous album, 2NE1 had consecutive hits such as “Don’t Cry,” “Lonely,” “I Am the Best,” “Hate You,” and “Ugly.”

“But we haven’t decided on whether it will be a full regular album or a mini album,” YGE added.

Also, the official said 2NE1 will hold a solo concert in Seoul in late July. “Once all the details for the concert are finalized, we’ll make an official announcement. We hope our fans will enjoy the summer with 2NE1’s new songs and concert again,” it added.