SM Entertainment Announces Plan for Signing “K-Pop Star” Contestants

Following the news of Park Ji Min, Baek Ah Yeon, and Park Jae Hyung joining JYP Entertainment, many fans have been wondering where the other SBS “K-Pop Star” contestants will be headed for their agency contracts.

Well, it turns out SM Entertainment will not be one of the choices for the “K-Pop Star” contestants as the powerhouse agency revealed on May 22 that they will not sign anyone from the popular audition show.

“Unfortunately, we decided not to sign anyone this time. We will just focus more on our current trainees,” an official from SME was quoted as saying by Newsen.

With reports of Michelle Lee, Lee Ha Yi and Lee Sung Hoon joining YG Entertainment, it seems like most of the top contestants have found their new home. SBS “K-Pop Star,” meanwhile, will launch its second season in November.