YGE Signs Lee Michelle, Lee Ha Yi, and Lee Seung Hoon from “K-Pop Star,” Two More to Come

On May 22, YG Entertainment posted on its official blog a photo with the names of Lee Ha Yi, Lee Michelle, and Lee Seung Hoon. The photo also had mysterious question marks, indicating two more SBS “K-Pop Star” contestants would soon sign a contract with YGE.

As reported earlier, Lee Ha Yi and Lee Seung Hoon was expected to sign with YGE. But Lee Michelle’s signing came as a bit of a surprise, since it seemed like Park Jin Young was more interested in the half-Korea, Half-African American singer during the show.

Today’s news comes on the heels of JYP Entertainment announcing their contracts with Baek Ah Yeon and Park Jae Hyung. Just yesterday, JYPE also announced its signing with the winner of “K-Pop Star,” Park Ji Min. SM Entertainment revealed that they will not be signing anyone from “K-Pop Star” today.

Some of the fans are already speculating the next two contestants to join YGE to be Kim Na Yoon and Park Jung Eun. Who do you think it will be? Stay tuned for more news!