T-ara’s Hyomin Wants to Go Back to Her Childhood

Girl group T-ara’s Hyomin shared her old photos.

On May 22, she posted on her twitter photos with comments, “After endlessly crying for how you want to grow up fast, now that you’re an adult, are you happy? Ah… I want to go back to those days.”

The posted pictures show Hyomin when she was younger. Her skin is a little dark, but she draws attention with her well-defined features as well as large eyes. Not only does Hyomin give off an innocent look but also does show dollish facial expression as a young girl who once worked as a child model. She showed how she misses her past by sharing her childhood photos.

Those who saw the pictures commented, “Not everything’s good about being an adult,” “Ah she’s so cute~” “She’s pretty then and now,” and more.