What Would Kim Soo Hyun Be Like Acting for an Action Role?

Kim Soo Hyun will now give a shot at becoming an “Action Star.” As his project after “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” Kim Soo Hyun will be appearing in the upcoming action film, “Silently with Greatness.”

His role in the film will be a complete transformation from his usual “Little Prince” image. In “Silently with Greatness,” Kim Soo Hyun will be playing a North Korean spy.

Kim Soo Hyun will begin training in early June. He will focus on increasing his stamina and getting buff. For the film, Kim Soo Hyun will be working with martial arts director “Park Jung Ryul” who has worked with Won Bin for the film “The Man from Nowhere.”

A representative of Kim Soo Hyun’s agency stated on May 22, “Kim Soo Hyun really wanted to portray this role. He is spending time preparing for filming and also character analysis. It will be worth anticipating Kim Soo Hyun’s transformation.”