JJ Project: Looks Like SHINee, Sounds Like Lim Jae Bum and JYP?

Adorable is the word for JYP Entertainment’s rookie group, JJ Project. Unlike their more popular JYPE colleagues such as 2PM, they seem to show off a more fruity or “shabang” image. Doesn’t JB remind you of Ji Hyun Woo or Son Ho Young, and Jr of Kim Soo Hyun or Taecyeon?

Even their birth names reflect the enormous shoes these two have to fill at the young age of 18. JB’s real name is Lim Jae Bum, and Jr’s is Park Jin Young. These are names of hands-down legends of music industry.
True to their namesakes, JB and Jr have been trying to follow their sunbaes’ footsteps. Friends would get JB to sing “Confession” and “For You.” Jr would always dance to his friends’ urging to dance like JYP.

The two feel that their names are their momentum, and also responsibility to live up to the legends.

The two were top winners of JYP Entertainment’s auditions in 2009, and they have been honing their skills for the past three years as trainees. Their debut was through “Dream High 2,” in which JB was the lead character and Jr as supporting role of “Uibong.”

Their debut album is called “BOUNCE,” which was released on May 20.