Kim Soo Hyun Looks Sensible and Witty in ZioZia Suits

Kim Soo Hyun’s pictures for a ZioZia photoshoot were revealed. In the photoshoot he looked like a new employe all ready for work! The pictures were revealed today on May 23.

The photoshoot itself was held on May 11 with the concept of “Hey Day Heyday.” (Heyday, as in the stage or period of greatest vigor”) Just like the concept Kim Soo Hyun looks like a young man in his prime, ready to take on the world. In his suits, Kim Soo Hyun looks very sensible and witty.

Despite it being Kim Soo Hyun’s first Men’s wear advertisements, the photoshoot staff was surprised at his sensibility and perfect poses.

Kim Soo Hyun was asked, “What kind of style do you usually wear?” He answered, “Rather than rigid suits I like suits that are more like ZioZia’s that have character and wit.”