Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon: "Early Morning Rehearsals Are Difficult"

Girls’ Generation’s TaeTiSeo guested on yesterday’s episode of KBS JOYLee Sora’s Second Proposal,” where they talked about the girls talked about their busy schedules. Taeyeon revealed, “There are so many music programs these days. As artists, it’s great that we have so many more opportunities to sing. However, for all these shows, there are also rehearsals. The most difficult thing about them is that they’re held so early in the morning.”

When asked how long it normally takes TaeTiSeo to get into full makeup mode, Tiffany answered, “It takes about two hours. On the weekends, we have to get up around 4 in the morning [to get ready].” To maintain their perfect porcelain skin despite wearing makeup for extended periods, Tiffany explained, “We drink a lot of water. Seohyun usually drinks ten bottles of water before she goes on stage.”