SM Entertainment Criticized for Not Signing Any SBS “K-Pop Star” Contestant

SM Entertainment’s decision to not sign any contestant from SBS “K-Pop Star” has been at the center of controversy lately. After JYP Entertainment signed the show’s winner Park Ji Min, SM Entertainment made it public that they had no intention of signing any contestant from “K-Pop Star.”

SME’s reasoning behind not signing anyone was to “focus more on their current trainees.” The announcement came amid JYP signing three contestants (Park Ji Min, Park Jae Hyung, Baek Ah Yeon) and YG Entertainment signing five contestants (Lee Ha Yi, Lee Michelle, Lee Seung Joo, Lee Jung Min, Lee Seung Hoon) in total.

As a result, fans started to speculate that SME had absolutely no plans of signing anyone from “K-Pop Star,” even prior to going into the show. Fans started to accuse the powerhouse agency as being “irresponsible,” and questioned whether SME puts too much emphasis on the “looks,” especially because most of the “K-Pop Star” contestants are not particularly outstanding in their appearances, but rather more skilled in singing and dancing.

Netizens commented, “I don’t know why they’re being criticized because it wasn’t a requirement to sign anyone,” “Leave it up to SM,” and “Fans are just jealous.”