How Many Bottles of Soju Can Soju Models Drink?

Soju and beer are the best selling types of alcohol in Korea. So it is natural for the advertisement models for the soju and beer brands to be top stars.

Recently, Yoo Ah In and Moon Chae Won were chosen to be models for the soju brand, “Chamiseul.” Kang Sora was also recently chosen to be a makulli (rice wine) model. Lee Hyori has been the long-time model of soju brand, “Chum Churum” for five years straight, setting a record.

Many have been curious as to how much these models can actually drink themselves? 

Soju brand models like Lee Hyori are usually female celebrities with a “strong” edge to their image. Secret’s Han Sunhwa, who is a model for soju brand, “Good Day,” recently appeared on a TV program and stated, “No matter how much I drink, I don’t get drunk,” showing off her limitless alcohol capacity. Han Sunhwa continued, “I went down to my hometown in Busan and was determined to drink a lot with my friends. I didn’t get drunk but I had rashes all over my face.” All four members of Secret were chosen to be soju models last September. After having Secret as their models, the sales went up 22 percent.

Lee Hyori also can’t be overlooked when it comes to alcohol capacity. In a recent interview for “High Cut” magazine, Lee Hyori confessed, “I think I drank about 500 bottles of soju in five years.”

Moon Chae Won, the newest model for “Chamiseul” confessed that she can’t take more than half a bottle of soju. 

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Yun Ah, who were chosen as beer models, confessed that their capacities are that big either. Kim Soo Hyun said in a recent interview, “I can’t really drink that well and it depends on the situation but I think I can take about three pints.” But he continued to say that he drinks whatever his seniors give to him.

Figure-skating queen Kim Yun Ah also stated that she can only take about two pints of beer. She revealed, “I don’t think I’ve drank more than two pints of beer before.”

To all the Soompiers who are of age, how is your alcohol capacity?